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Heat warning: how to prevent heat-related illness

Heat warning: severe heat could cause heat-related illness Record-braking heat wave hit large areas of west coast in the summer 2021.  Extensive exposure to extreme heat can result in serious medical conditions such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. A heat warning is in effect in many parts of BC. Make sure to stay hydrated, and spend time in […]

Wildfire Smoke and Health Risks

Wildfire season: from early April to late October Smoky condition from wildfire is more and more common in the recent years.  As wildfire burns through forests and grasslands, it produces dense smoke that can be a major source of toxic air pollutants.  Smoky conditions are persisting in some parts of #BC, which can impact air […]

“Evacuation Alert” and “Evacuation Order”: What is the difference?

Provincial State of Emergency in BC B.C. has declared a state of emergency on July 20, 2021 to support the provincewide response to ongoing wildfire situation, so you may have heard news about evacuation alerts and evacuation orders such as below. Emergency Info BC shows 2021 Wildfire information as of July 24, 2021 at 7:00 […]

Emergency Preparedness Week Challenge 2021: This is what I do at home!

Reminder: Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere It’s Emergency Preparedness Week and this is a great opportunity to review our preparedness.   Here are some of preparedness ideas that I use/do at home. Emergency Household Kit and Grab-and-Go Bag Securing furniture Placing anti/non-slip sheet under fragile items My Case         – Location: Vancouver, BC […]

Public Emergency Alert Test is scheduled on May 5, 2021

Make yourself familiarize the alert Public Safety Canada had announced that they are planning emergency alert tests in May 5th in most provinces and territories over TV, radio, and mobile devices.  Only authorized government agencies can issue alert to widely notify Canadians critical or potentially life-saving alerts so you can take preventative/appropriate actions to protect […]

Emergency Preparedness Week 2021

Schedule: May 2 – 8, 2021 Emergency Preparedness Week is a national event which is coming next month!   Disasters can happen anywhere and anywhere so this is a great opportunity for everyone (from individual to community level), to review emergency plans and to take actions to be better prepared. Theme: “Emergency Preparedness: Be Ready […]

Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp

Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp  FIRE HAZARD  Adults supervision is required and please do NOT leave any children to try making this lamp alone. Do NOT use this lamp immediately after a major earthquake. Considering the aftershocks to happen, NO FIRE (including this lamp) should be handled until you are safe to do so especially […]