Archive List for Emergency Lifehacks

Wildfire Smoke and Health Risks

Wildfire season: from early April to late October Smoky condition from wildfire is more and more common in the recent years.  As wildfire burns through forests and grasslands, it produces dense smoke that can be a major source of toxic air pollutants.  Smoky conditions are persisting in some parts of #BC, which can impact air […]

Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp

Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp  FIRE HAZARD  Adults supervision is required and please do NOT leave any children to try making this lamp alone. Do NOT use this lamp immediately after a major earthquake. Considering the aftershocks to happen, NO FIRE (including this lamp) should be handled until you are safe to do so especially […]

9 MUST items seniors recommend that you will need during an emergency!

Safetyip would like to feature voices from seniors who had experienced various disasters in Japan, focusing on the useful items that they used during and after an emergency.  Let’s listen to the reasons why those items were useful.  Those advices can help you reviewing your own list when preparing the emergency kit. 1. Medication “Medication […]

What is the BEST life-saving decision?

Is your knowledge up-to-date?    WARNAING!  Overconfidence from your past experiences and knowledge could put you in danger in the event of a disaster.  Continuous effort to update yourself with repeated trainings will increase your chance for survival. Train yourself and expect “unexpected” There are many books and online information available in public but we […]

Household emergency kit

Are you prepared for home evacuation? There are times that it would be safer to stay home.  It is recommended to gather supplies for the entire family to live for 3 to 7 days. Check list – basic Non-perishable food: three-day to one-week supply, with a manual can opener Water: 4 litres per person, per […]

What do you need for your grab-and-go bag?

Build a grab-and-go bag for quick evacuation Province of BC recommends to include the following basic items in your grab-and-go bag. Check list Food (ready to eat) and water Small battery-powered or hand-crank radio Battery-powered or hand-crank flashlight Extra batteries Small first-aid kit and personal medications Personal toiletries and items, such as an extra pair […]