Emergency Preparedness Week 2021

Schedule: May 2 – 8, 2021

Emergency Preparedness Week is a national event which is coming next month!   Disasters can happen anywhere and anywhere so this is a great opportunity for everyone (from individual to community level), to review emergency plans and to take actions to be better prepared.

Theme: “Emergency Preparedness: Be Ready for Anything”

Owl Teacher Left

Hi Tippi. Are you prepared for “anything”? It is important to take actions to be prepared in pre-disaster phase!

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How do I do that?

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It is recommended to review 3 steps below and make multiple plans with your family.

3 Steps to be prepared

  • Know the risks (hazards)
  • Make a plan
  • Get an emergency kit

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Thank you, Master Owl!

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Safetyip regularly post useful tips that help you to become more prepared so come and check our site and social medias.

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