Our mission

Building safer communities where no one is left behind

Our mission is to raise awareness of emergency preparedness and self & family-protection for natural disasters, which leads to a sustainable and resilient community.

Natural disasters may not be prevented from occurring, but we can minimize the impact/damage by raising awareness and preparing in advance.

 “Disaster risk reduction” and “emergency preparedness” may sound scary and difficult, but special skills are not required to be prepared. Simple and small steps, like buying an extra bottle of water, can make a big difference.  By learning and applying safety tips into your daily life, you will gain confidence to make proper decisions calmly even when you are in unexpected situations.

This process would not just help yourself but also your loved ones equally regardless of emergency type or locations.  Moreover, wide-spreading this movement and each one of us being prepared would eventually help protecting our community as a whole.

Safetyip supports United Nation’s SDGs initiatives