What we do

Safetyip conducts the following activities to raise awareness of importance of disaster preparedness which leads to the risk reduction.

Providing easy access to survival lifehacks and tips

We share useful survival lifehacks and necessary information through this website and social media (Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter) so you have an easier access for great tips to get you prepared immediately for you and your loved ones.

Main Contents
  • Survival lifehacks
  • Emergency kits and stockpiles
  • Disaster-resistant home ideas
  • Emergency food and recipes
  • Reviews on emergency preparedness goods
  • Interviews with experts
  • Reports on disaster prevention initiatives taken around the world
  • Latest news


Safetyip helps planning educational programs for strata, educational institutions, companies, and local authorities.

  • Hands-on seminars and workshops for all ages and backgrounds
  • Drills and events related to disaster preparedness and risk reduction
  • Fun learning kids programs in cooperation with schools and family-friendly programs for parents
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We also dispatch lecturers for tailored seminars on a request basis.

Consultations / Inspections

Safetyip provides tailored consultation and inspection services to make recommendations for a safer environment during a disaster. 

  • Residentials (House and Condo) and work environment (Offices)
  • Furniture secureness
  • Stockpiling plans and emergency kits
  • Reviewing emergency plans
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Is my home safe during a disaster?

Training specialists

Safetyip offers courses to train various disaster preparedness specialists as follows;

  • Disaster preparedness specialists
  • Trainers
  • Caregivers
  • Volunteers

Researches on latest disaster initiatives and technologies

We keep ourselves updated through continuous researches and learnings from experts.  Our findings and take-aways will be shared through this website and other channels.

Sales of preparedness and emergency goods

*** Coming Soon!