Let’s craft a wind and coldproof wear from a garbage bag

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Household objects can become great tools to be used during an emergency. There will be series of emergency lifehacks posted on Safetyip so let’s try and learn with your family!

When can you use this?

  • Protecting you from wind, rain and dirt
  • Keeping you warm by trapping body heat inside 

 This type can cover majority of your body parts but your head and arms are not, so you may need another layer to protect them.  

Easy 3 Step instructions

What You Need

  •  Garbage bag:  We used size: 89cm x 122cm (35 inch x 48 inch) this time.
  •   Scissors

 * Try garbage bags in various sizes to fit each member of your family.

1. Prepare a garbage bag and scissors

Garbage bag that we used this time : Size: 89cm x 122cm (35 inch x 48 inch)

2. Cut and make holes (Neck & Arms)

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For kids, make sure to use scissors with parents!

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Cut, cut!

Make a hole for your head

3. Done! Adjust the hole size as needed

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Since we used a large bag, it is is large enough for both adult male and female!  I think I need a smaller bag for myself.

Size Comparison: Adult Female (Height 160cm)
Size Comparison : Adult Male (Height 176cm)

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How is your fit? Try different sizes to find your best fit.

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Inserting newspaper inside will help you keeping warm even better. We will also post some useful tips about newspaper!