Public Emergency Alert Test is scheduled on May 5, 2021

Make yourself familiarize the alert

Public Safety Canada had announced that they are planning emergency alert tests in May 5th in most provinces and territories over TV, radio, and mobile devices.  Only authorized government agencies can issue alert to widely notify Canadians critical or potentially life-saving alerts so you can take preventative/appropriate actions to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Alert Ready, Emergency Alert System

Tests are conducted periodically to  be prepared (public awareness or technical testing purposes) so let’s take this opportunity to make ourselves familiarize the alert!

Types of alert that are broadcasted

Question Left

Is the alert only related to earthquakes?

Owl Teacher Right

Good question. According to “Alert Ready,” following types of alerts are broadcasted.

How does the alert tone sound like?

Worried Left

I might get surprised hearing unknown sound. Is there a way to hear the alert tone in advance so I’m prepared?

Owl Teacher Right

Yes, Alert Ready website has a link to listen to the tone. You can also check the website to determine the cell phone’s compatibility.

Happy Left

Okay, I will check the website and make sure to pay attention to the alert test to be alert ready!