Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) webpages

We can receive notice before strong shaking starts!

Earthquakes Canada had announced the launch of Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) webpages which explain how the system works and how we can make use of it to help reducing injuries, deaths, and property losses.

You could follow their twitter or click here to go directly to the webpage for more information. 

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is the rapid detection of earthquakes, real-time estimation of the shaking hazard, and notification of expected shaking. They provide seconds to tens-of-seconds of notice before strong shaking starts…

Earthquakes Canada

Oh! Left

Wow! This is really cool if we get notice before strong shaking starts.

Owl Teacher Right

Yes, the notice gives us time to quickly take appropriate and preventative actions to protect ourselves so we should definitely make use of it.

Question Left

But how do I receive the notice?

Owl Teacher Right

Good question.  According to their webpage, notices are provided by National Public Alerting System (NPAS) through multiple channels such as radio stations, wireless/mobile distributors, social media companies etc… so they reach out to many of us.

Regular Left

Great to know!  I gotta make sure to pay attention to those notices.