Did you know about multifunctional use of rainwear during an emergency?
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Do you think a rainwear is used only when it rains?   It has several functions that can help you in a time of emergency. Let’s learn and make yourself familiarize about those functions!

1. Prevent you from getting wet (rain and snow)

There are health concerns when your body gets wet for a long time especially in a cold weather as you could easily lose your body heat.  In an emergency, you may not have an easy access to dry clothes or towels so wearing a rainwear helps you to keep you dry even under wet weather.

2. Keep your both hands open

In the event of disasters, you may require to leave your home immediately if it is not safe to stay.  During evacuation, it is advisable to keep both hands open for safety reasons, so rainwear is preferred instead of an umbrella.

3. Protect you from dust

After a major disaster like earthquake hits, massive dust and debris from damaged buildings and houses cover the disaster area.  Since disasters often cause power and water outages (expect no shower or laundry), rainwear can protect you and your cloth to get dirty so you can maintain personal hygiene.  Make sure to also wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling the dust.    

4. Windproof and coldproof

Rainwear does not just protects you from the wind but also helps you to keep you warm by trapping body heat inside.  It can be used outside, at evacuation site or at home when you have no access to a heater due to power outage.

5. Protect your privacy

If you have a poncho style rainwear with non-transparent /dark color,  it can be used as a privacy protector when you change clothes, wipe your body, or feed a baby.  

Do you have a rainwear at home?

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Wow, I did not know that the rainwear is so useful!  I will make sure to have my rainwear in my grab-to-go bag.