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“Evacuation Alert” and “Evacuation Order”: What is the difference?

Provincial State of Emergency in BC B.C. has declared a state of emergency on July 20, 2021 to support the provincewide response to ongoing wildfire situation, so you may have heard news about evacuation alerts and evacuation orders such as below. Emergency Info BC shows 2021 Wildfire information as of July 24, 2021 at 7:00 […]

Emergency Preparedness Week Challenge 2021: This is what I do at home!

Reminder: Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere It’s Emergency Preparedness Week and this is a great opportunity to review our preparedness.   Here are some of preparedness ideas that I use/do at home. Emergency Household Kit and Grab-and-Go Bag Securing furniture Placing anti/non-slip sheet under fragile items My Case         – Location: Vancouver, BC […]

Earthquakes in Canada

Earthquakes are common in the world   Fact 1: Earthquake can strike anytime and anywhere in the world Seismic Intensity scale (intensity or severity of ground shaking at a given location) may be small or large but earthquakes are NOT an unusual phenomena especially on earthquake belts (plate boundaries) where the most earthquakes occur. Source: […]

10 years since the great east Japan earthquake and tsunami

3.11 : The 10th memorial day At 2:46pm on March 11th 2011, the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit northeast coast of Japan followed by devastating tsunami. Tsunami reached the highest of 40m height and it had caused tragic damages to Eastern region of Japan.  Over 15,000 death (+ over 3,000 related death) was reported and there are […]